IoT, 5G, 4th Industrial Revolution Set to Bring Us the ‘Connected Cow’

(Photo Credit: Successful Farming)


Much like the 3rd Industrial Revolution that came with the digital computer, breakthroughs will come at a break-neck pace.

As TruNews has frequently reported over the last couple of years, the world is now entering the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The 1st Industrial Revolution took place in the late 18th century following James Watt’s creation of the steam engine and its application to manufacturing, textiles, and transportation. The 2nd Industrial Revolution followed the development of electrical power, while the 3rd Industrial Revolution followed the advent of the digital computer.

The 4th Industrial Revolution will result in a “blurring of the lines” between the physical, digital, and biological with the creation of “cyber-physical systems.” In the future, historians will likely note it resulted in major breakthroughs in the fields of:

• robotics,

• artificial intelligence,

• nanotechnology,

• quantum computing,

• biotechnology,

• 3D printing, and

• fully autonomous vehicles on land and sea and in the air.

This week, a TruNews team traveled to Miami to take part in the Internet of Things Evolution Expo. There, they learned about a number of new innovations either just emerging or soon to emerge that are adding new layers of interconnectivity.

5G, or fifth-generation mobile Internet, is going to have a major factor in both IoT growth and further emergence of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

One of the more unusual demonstrations of this emerging convergence is the “connected cow.” Through the use of transmitters, cattle producers will be able to:

• monitor the animal’s head placement in order to detect the early signs of illness;

• measure walking activity to determine daily movement of each animal, and the dispersal of the entire herd in a field or confinement facility;

• feeder sensors can monitor how much grain is being eaten, allowing for diet management for each individual animal; and

It’s not that these things aren’t already being done at various levels, but rather that these things can be now be done both automatically and continuously, allowing farmers to be more efficient with their personal time management. This kind of “economy of scale” development will likely be what the TruNews audience finds most noticeable during the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Full article: IoT, 5G, 4th Industrial Revolution Set to Bring Us the ‘Connected Cow’ (TruNews)

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