Will Trump Lose in 2020? But to Who?



There is a very interesting aspect of our model which will begin to come into play in 2020. The cycle is changing here in 2019 and we are entering a period of a new political trend into 2023. This not such a great thing for either party. What is clearly taking place is that the shutdown seems to have been a turning point. True, Trumps polls have collapsed to 37% approval. But at the same time, faith in Congress has also collapsed. This is introducing this trend our model has been pointing to which is the rise of a 3rd Party going all the way into 2024. Polls are fickle. It is a long time between here and the election in 2020. The attention span of the people seems to be too short to remember this one two years from now. Still, the damage is not really about the shutdown itself. It seems to be centered on the fact that both sides acted like children demonstrating that neither party seems capable of managing anything.

When we arrive at 2020, this is the big turning point for a 3rd Party. The Press and career politicians on both sides are out to get Trump simply because he is not one of them. But that does not mean the people are ready to surrender to career politicians once again. The crazy thing on our model is that it clearly shows that there is a 13 election year cycle coming into play in 2020 for a strong 3rd Party Showing. In 1912, there was a 30% vote for a 3rd party. Then in 1968, there was a 13% vote for a 3rd party. Since the last 3rd party took 19% in 1992 and 10% in 1996, a 3rd party this time could match or exceed 19% in 2020.

That Fox Poll is most interesting. It said that 46% of Republicans identified with Trump rather than the Republican Party. The implications of this are significant. It is not that Trump is some fantastic person, but that people are beginning to identify with candidates instead of parties. This is confirming what our computer is forecasting. The rise of a 3rd party is ripe for the taking. More and more people will vote for a person rather than a party.

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