Several EU Member States considering creation of EU Space Forces


A number of EU member states are discussing the possibility of creating European space forces, European Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry and Entrepreneurship, Elzbieta Bienkowska, who is also in charge for EU space policy, said.

“Several member states are considering just now ways to strengthen their defence doctrine to space dimension. They are talking about space forces”, Bienkowska said, as quoted by the EUobserver online newspaper.

“We need to discuss, medium [to] long term, a European Space Force”, the commissioner said.

Last week, US President Donald Trump during a speech at the Pentagon unveiled the 2019 US Missile Defence Review (MDR), a strategy that calls for boosting land- and sea-based missile defence systems in Europe and the Middle East along with studying the development of space-based interceptors.

Full article: Several EU Member States considering creation of EU Space Forces (Spacewar)

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