Iran to Launch ‘Massive’ War Drills

Iranian members of the Basij militia march during a parade

Iranian members of the Basij militia march during a parade / Getty Images


Military sends warning to enemies

Iranian military leaders announced on Thursday that the Islamic Republic would be launching a “massive” set of war drills later this week that will include the regime’s Army’s Ground Force and some 12,000 “combat and mobile forces,” according to Iran’s state-controlled media.

“The massive Eqtedar 97 war games of the Army’s Ground Force will be staged for two days in an extensive area of Isfahan region on Friday,” Iranian General Kiomars Heidari, commander of its ground force, said on Thursday.

The military leader disclosed that “different home-made weapons will be tested in the drills and various types of military equipment, including helicopters, drones and fighter jets will be used” in the war games, according to a report carried in the semi-official Fars News.

The military display is meant to send a message of reassurance to regional allies and one of warning to “enemies” of the Islamic Republic, Heidari said.

“The message of war games for the friends of Iran is that they can consider the country’s military capabilities as part of the power of Islam’s army, meantime, adding that the Iranian army is always ready to give a crushing and quick response to any aggression by enemies,” Fars reported.

Iran conducted similar military drills earlier this month. Those war drills included heavy bombers and large refueling planes, such as those made by Boeing. Other types of large transportation planes and drones carried “precision-striking missiles and long-range smart bombs,” according to Iranian military leaders.

Full article: Iran to Launch ‘Massive’ War Drills (Washington Free Beacon)

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