GAME CHANGER: China tests sub-launched nuclear missile that can strike America from thousands of miles away

The People’s Liberation Army is developing a formidable submarine force which can be used to nuke America


Beijing is spending billions on creating a submarine force which is capable of wiping out American cities and military bases. Previously its sea launched nukes were not powerful enough to reach the US mainland

CHINA has successfully tested a submarine launched missile which can unleash a nuclear holocaust anywhere in the United States, sources have revealed.

The game-changing Chinese military flight tested the Julong-3 missile that will be deployed with the next generation of ballistic missile submarines which are in the pipeline.

Chinese authorities have denied the test but a well placed source within the American military has confirmed to The Diplomat the launch took place last month.

Type 096 nuclear ballistic missile submarines remains under construction and is expected to begin sea trials in three years.

A US Department of Defence report said: “China’s four operational JIN-class SSBNs represent China’s first credible, seabased nuclear deterrent.”

Geopolitical analysts widely fear a showdown between the United States and China over who controls the South China Sea as well as the independence of Taiwan which could spiral out of control and lead to World War 3

China has also been developing a whole next-generation battery of weapons including hypersonic missiles and electromagnetic railguns.

Military bosses are bent on transforming the armed forces into the world’s most powerful and have set a target of 8.1 per cent growth.

Sam Roggeveen, a visiting fellow at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre of the Australian National University in Canberra, said: “The pace and scale of this build-up is really dramatic.”

Currently China is able to nuke the American Pacific Ocean island of Guam.

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