Nigel: Military-focused EU has launched new Cold War against USA


Nigel Farage today responded to Angela Merkel’s call for a EU Army by claiming that Brussels had “launched a new Cold War against the United States of America”.

It comes after Frances President Macron also called for an European Army and Germany’s EU Commissioner described US President Trump as an “autocrat”.

Farage said that the EU was trying to rewrite history as it sought to become a militarised empire, “continually expanding to the East” was something to be “genuinely worried” about.

“The European project was set up to stop German-domination. What we’ve seen today is a naked takeover,” he said.

The staunch Brexiteer highlighted the increasing domination of Germany within the EU, said that “we should be genuinely worried” and suggested that MEPs should “think more carefully” if they regarded this as “somehow a recipe for peace”.

Full article: Nigel: Military-focused EU has launched new Cold War against USA (Westmonster)

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