The World’s Most Dangerous Man… Has a Terrifying Secret


Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) has a secret.

No, it’s not that he was behind the horrific interrogation, torture and murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Although most people would argue otherwise.

The Crown Prince’s secret that I’m referring to isn’t even that he approved the use of chemical weapons by Saudi Arabia in its proxy war in Yemen.

That piece of information, by the way, is something that the British media believes Khashoggi was about to reveal to the world before he was murdered.1

The secret I’m referring to is one that is going to impact all of us in the coming years.

It involves Saudi Arabia’s oil production… And it’s something that anyone paying for their own gas should be watching closely…

Saudi Arabia’s Oil Inventories Are Plunging!

You can see it plain as day in the chart below which shows you the amount of oil that Saudi Arabia has in storage.

Saudi oil storage levels are plummeting and hardly anyone has noticed — partly because these inventory figures are not easily obtainable and never widely distributed.

Almost 100 million barrels have been worked off and inventories keep dropping.

You are probably aware that Saudi Arabia’s oil production is critically important to the entire world. This is the reason that we hear so much about a country with a population of just 33 million.

Countries like Madagascar and Uzbekistan have similar populations and we hear nothing about them.

Saudi Arabia runs neck and neck with the United States and Russia as the largest producer of oil on the planet. But unlike the United States (and to a lesser extent Russia), Saudi Arabia consumes much less than it produces.

While the United States is still a massive net importer of oil, Saudi Arabia is a massive exporter of oil. That is why the Saudi oil is so critically important.

And that’s why the Crown Prince’s “secret” about plummeting oil inventories is such a big deal.

Full article: The World’s Most Dangerous Man… Has a Terrifying Secret (The Daily Reckoning)

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