King Abdullah II Rolling Back Treaty with Israel

(Photo Credit: Shealah Craighead/The White House)


President Trump is ready to play diplomatic hardball with Benjamin Netanyahu, as well.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II has informed Israel that he will not renew two key annexes to the treaty his father signed with Israel that pertain to “ownership rights” to two areas Israel considers its own territory. Meanwhile, he’s also continuing to warm his relations with Qatar, Turkey, and Syria.

The treaty between Israel and Jordan was signed by the king’s father, King Hussein, and then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1994 and included provisions for Israeli farmers to use land along the border of Jordan for farming for a period of 25 years. Today, during which Israel was remembering the anniversary of Rabin’s assassination, Abdullah II announced it wants to walk away from those provisions of the peace treaty ahead of its termination next year.

This will force Israel to negotiate with Jordan, or else the farmers who have been working that land will soon be cut off from it. Jordanian officails told al-Hayat newspaper they could have been more flexible with Israel, but due to “stubbornness” from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhu’s government on other issues, the king chose a more rigid approach.

As TruNews has previously reported, Trump prefers a “two-state solution,” potentially with two Palestinian states. Netanyahu and his government, on the other hand, want one state: an Israel in which only Jews have any rights.

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