Almost Half Of Active U.S. Military Troops Believes Large-Scale War Is Coming Soon


Almost half of all active military troops in the US army believe that the US will be part of a large-scale war soon, according to a Military Times poll of the active-duty troops. According to the poll, troops are anxious about global instability in general and about Russia and China in particular.

Close to 46% of the questioned active troops believe that the US will be draw into a large-scale war soon. This number has increased from 5% in September 2017’s survey.

Still, more people think that it is unlikely that there will be war at 50%, however in 2017 that number was 67%. Only 4% of people responded with “I don’t know,” in comparison to that share being 28% in 2017.

These fears are mostly due to media hysteria as well as US President Donald Trump and his administration repeatedly emphasizing the importance of improving military readiness against “a growing threat from foreign adversaries, both terrorist groups and traditional major power rivals.”

When they were asked about specific countries, unsurprisingly the top answers were China and Russia. The two countries were the top answers in 2017 as well. However, 71% said Russia is a significant threat, compared to 53% in 2017. For China there was a similar movement, 69% in 2018 and 45% in 2017.

Military Times cited Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller, who in 2017 told Marines that he thought there was a “big-ass fight” on the horizon. “I hope I’m wrong, but there’s a war coming,” Neller told Marines in Norway.

Troops also appeared to worry the most about cyber terrorism. Nearly 89% answered that it is the biggest threat the US is facing currently. It was ranked as a higher threat than Russia and China, as well as domestic and non-domestic Islamic terrorists.

In general, this is a worrisome result, as propaganda aimed at the military personnel to keep them battle ready and cause a sort of anxiousness that a conflict is coming is not an uncommon tool. It is used precisely before leaders plan to initiate such a conflict so that the troops are prepared for a large-scale war.

Hopefully, as one of the respondents, Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jay Thompson, an Army helicopter pilot at Fort Drum, New York, said “no one is seeking the peer-on-peer war,” regarding his belief that China, the US and Russia do not wish war.

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