Russia has S-600 and S-700 air defense systems: MP

The S-300 is outdated but being sold on the world market to nations such as Syria and Iraq, to name a few. The S-400 is today’s up-to-date tech and will possibly be sold to Turkey and Iran, while the barely-talked-about S-500 is already advanced and circles Moscow in a ring of protection. It is not available on the market and information on it is kept secret. Now we hear groundbreaking information on not only about an S-600 and S-700, but an S-1500.

Within the interview he stated that these new systems have the potential to shut down global air traffic, which would also imply shutting down the ability of launching ICBMs — which further implies Russia has checkmate in eliminating first strike capability of any nation in the world, including the United States. Currently, the U.S. has only the already-outdated Patriot missile defense system and Minuteman III ICBMs, which were last deployed in the early 1990’s.

People within the United States bubble do not understand the implications and realize that they are no longer untouchable. All they know is Stormy Daniels and maybe at most the latest regarding the Turkish diplomat that was likely murdered in a Saudi consulate.

The nation needs to get right with God and back on track before it’s too late. Donald Trump could be gone in 2020, maybe power through until 2024 or even be impeached tomorrow. Whatever your views of him, he is only here to give America reprieve in the limited time it has left as a nation, as we all know it.

This is America’s last chance to get it right.



Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a Russian MP who has lead the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) since the 1990s, has let slip that Russia allegedly had “S-600” and “S-700” air defense systems.

The earth-shattering “revelation” came when the flamboyant 72-year-old legislator was commenting on the recent delivery of the S-300 missile defense systems to Syria.

“S-300 has interested them (the United States),” he said Thursday on a current affairs talk show hosted by journalist Vladimir Soloviev.

“They had [previously] paid no attention whatsoever to some S-300. But now they’re scared, because Israel, the United States’ close ally, is scared — S-300s are nearby. Every jet — not just Israeli — every military jet may be destroyed.”

“The Americans are scared in general, they are scared that the world’s best air defense system is Russia’s S-300. And we [also] have S-400, S-500, S-600, and S-700. We can shut down the whole planet, and no plane will [be able to] take off,” the MP joked.

His statement prompted an explosion of laughter from another guest on the show and applause from the audience. The host played along with Zhirinovsky, cautioning him that he shouldn’t give away all secrets so as not to bring up the “dreaded S-1500 system.”

The MP batted back the warning, claiming that the imaginary S-700 will “block everyone at the launch points for good, and this will be the last blow of the Russian counter-air defense system.”

The Russian military rolled out the S-400 Triumph defense system in 2007. The S-400 was created on the basis of the Russian S-300 air defense systems, but has significantly better performance capabilities in terms of effectiveness, coverage area, as well as variety of targets.

Initially, the S-400 was named the S-300PM3 and it was intentionally designed to look like the S-300, so that the enemy could not recognize which system it was dealing with.

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