Reports: 5G Poses a Threat to Human Beings

(Photo Credit: Lance Cpl. Alejandro Bedoya/U.S. Marine Corps)


Despite all of the reported benefits, the next generation of mobile communications poses significant health concerns.

Despite all of the reported benefits, from amazingly fast download speeds to a greatly expanded Internet of Things, fifth generation mobile communications, or 5G, poses some very real health dangers to human beings who may be exposed to it.

According to the Environmental Health Trust, today’s mobile communications networks rely on microwave electromagnetic radiation at frequencies up to 6 gigahertz. The new 5G will move to a higher frequency band from 6 GHz to 100 GHz, and potentially even higher.

As TruNews has previously reported, one way this is done is by tapping into frequency bands at the top end of the radio spectrum called “millimeter waves.” Interestingly, this same technology has been used by the military for crowd-control purposes.

Millimeter-wave technology already exists in many Americans’ homes, and has been accused of resulting in skin and eye reactions. The Pentagon’s Active Denial System uses millimeter-wave radio frequencies at the 95 GHz range that penetrates the top layer of skin to create an “intolerable heat sensation” that causes crowds to flee.

A number of studies have shown that even low-level exposure to wireless radio frequency radiation leads to a number of adverse biological effects, which include:

• disruption of cellular metabolism,

• oxidative damage to skin cells,

• melatonin reduction in the skin,

• DNA single- and double-strand breaks,

• disruption of brain glucose metabolism, and

• production of stress proteins in the body.

These concerns prompted the Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space to lobby the Federal Communications Commission in 2016 regarding the inherent harm that could be inflicted to human beings by 5G activity. The GUARDS letter to the FCC states that the technology as planned globally is actually a violation of the UN Declaration of Human Rights’ protection “life, liberty, and security.”

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