Poll: AfD Now Germany’s Second-Most Popular Party


(Photo Credit: Alternative for Germany)


A little more than one year after becoming the first “far-right” party to win seats in the Bundestag in more than 50 years, the AfD is now officially the opposition to Merkel’s “grand coalition,” which required alliances with not only Bavaria’s Christian Social Union and the Social Democratic Party to hold a majority of seats. A new poll has placed AfD one point ahead of the SDP in terms of generic support.

Populism, it would seem, is making a major comeback in Germany—a trend that has been playing out throughout eastern and central Europe and has been spreading westward in large part because of Merkel’s pro-immigration policies. There is growing concern that the rapid rise of AfD and the internal crumbling of the chancellor’s government could lead to her ouster.

If that happens, geopolitical analyst Tom Luongo writes, it could spark a “breakdown” of the European Union. Pointing out that Merkel is the de facto head of the EU, her departure would result in someone “far more nationalistic” in her place:

“[T]hat means being far more willing to let Italy walk out of the Union if it doesn’t do what’s in Germany’s best interest. And to German nationalists, right or wrong, bailing out lazy Italians is not on the agenda. Part of what fueled AfD’s initial success was the endless bailouts of Southern European countries like Greece and Italy previously …

“So, if Italy holds its ground, a Germany without a Merkel has no chance of avoiding a complete melt-up in bond yields, which will finally begin the chain of events that leads to a new monetary system and global institutional order.”

Full article: Poll: AfD Now Germany’s Second-Most Popular Party (TruNews)

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