China is Moving into Another U.S. ‘Sphere of Influence’

(Photo Credit: MC1 Chad McNeeley/U.S. Defense Department)


Sources say a full battalion will be sent in as part of counterterrorism efforts.

As part of its own fight against Islamic terrorism, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army will soon deploy hundreds of troops to an area that was previously considered a “sphere of influence” dominated by the U.S.

The South China Morning Post reported earlier this morning that the People’s Liberation Army is establishing a mountain brigade that will help the Afghan government to combat terrorism in the country’s northern reaches. The base is being established on the western side of the Wakhan Corridor, a sliver of Afghanistan territory that acts as a buffer between Tajikistan and Pakistan and links it with mainland China.

The SCMP also cited Chinese military officials who said the training camp was funded and construction had already begun. Those sources also said, however, that once it is completed, the PLA was very likely to send their troops there:

“Construction of the base has started, and China will send at least one battalion of troops, along with weapons and equipment, to be stationed there and provide training to their Afghan counterparts.”

A Chinese military base in that part of Afghanistan has been rumored for months, but until now both countries have denied them. Now it seems at least one side is confirming it publicly, while the other is doing so more tacitly.

Full article: China is Moving into Another U.S. ‘Sphere of Influence’ (TruNews)

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