South Africa Civil War Concerns Growing

(Photo Credit: Gary van der Merwe via Creative Commons 3.0)


President Cyril Ramaphosa insists his government’s confiscation of white farmer-owned land without compensation is “no land grab,” but rather a “moral, social, and economic imperative.” He added:

“By bringing more land into productive use, by giving more South Africans assets and opportunities, the country is creating conditions for greater, more inclusive, and more meaningful growth.”

Yet social media posts out of South Africa tell a completely different story. In one video clip, black protesters can be seen chanting:

“Let us kill the white man. The white man must die.”

Johan Steenkamp, the boer farmer whose $15 million game reserve is being targeted for expropriation, recently said that he is willing to use deadly force to protect his property:

“I will do whatever it takes to defend my farm. I don’t want confrontation, but the Constitution says that I have the right to defend my property and my family and that is what I will be doing if anyone comes for my farm.”

Steenkamp noted the expropriation program has nothing to do with redistributing land to the poor, but rather to give the government unfettered access to the minerals in the ground underneath.

The situation is reaching frightening levels, though. Since the beginning of the year, there has been an average of one farmer murdered every 4.6 days, while attacks on farms are becoming a daily occurrence.

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