Gulftainer, US Ports and the Club-K Missile System

One of the most dangerous issues nobody in America is taking on. The EMP threat to America, already barely covered, has been covered 100 times more.

Less than 1% of the millions of containers coming into the nation are ever inspected. Thus, we have no idea what has come into the country already and what is coming in as we speak. More importantly, our missile defense systems are pointed outwards. If something were to get inside the country and loaded onto a train, tractor trailer, etc.. It could be in the middle of the nation and we’d never know it. Imagine all that with Klub-Ks thrown into the factor. There is no way of defending a missile attack launched within the United States.

America is not untouchable and can fall within one hour with a well planned and coordinated attack.

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Center VP for Research & Analysis Clare Lopez discusses Gulftainer, Port Canaveral, Port of Wilmington, DE , CFIUS and the Club K container cruise missile launch system, on “The Hard Question” with Blanquita Cullum.

Full article: Gulftainer, US Ports and the Club-K Missile System (Center for Security Policy)

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  1. About this article, you may want to review this earlier report:–Shock-confession-Customs-officer.html. There is additional reporting from
    Megan Kelly when she was with Fox News that is highly relevant to the nature of this
    particular threat and the original news broadcast from the San Diego station in question is still up on you tube for complete review in it’s original broadcast entirety.