Futurist-Transhumanist: AI Will Destroy God


(Photo Credit: Jon Callas via Creative Commons 2.0)


Since there’s no God, the author surmises, it should be relatively simple—especially with expanding technological capabilities.

Writing for Forbes magazine today, London-based technology blogger Kate Levchuk has made the startling claim that technology—specifically, artificial intelligence—will soon make religion in general, and God in particular, irrelevant.

Levchuk, who hosts the KateGoesTech.com blog dedicated to transhumanism, AI, and technology philosophy, attributed “intolerance, crusades, national differences, terrorism, and interpersonal disagreements” to the scourge of religion and people’s conflicting religious views. But, she added, as much as “scientific progress, Internet, and mobile coverage proliferation” have taken a big chunk out of the number of believers in the world over the past eight years, there’s still a major obstacle in AI’s pathway to destroying God:

The human consciousness.

Calling it a “magic spark” and “God’s breath,” Levchuk said human consciousness has led to the “fairy tale” belief that humans possess an eternal soul, thereby giving them validity to “shape the planet to our liking.” Addressing the so-called Turing Test—a test for artificial intelligence that requires a human being cannot distinguish the AI construct from another human being—she added:

“Creation of an “artificial soul” and true reasoning will not be an attempt to pass the Turing Test. It will aim to pass the test for God.”

“Whatever the answers, if we ourselves can create an artificial soul in silicon matter, the concept of a divine spark in our souls will give way to evolutionary Darwinism once and for all.

“It will be exactly the answer to the consciousness quest that will end the centuries-old debate on the existence of God.”

Full article: Futurist-Transhumanist: AI Will Destroy God (TruNews)

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