Veterans for Britain: ‘EU army actively undermining NATO’


David Banks, a Spokesman for the Veterans for Britain campaign, has told Westmonster that the European Union is actively undermining NATO.

In an exclusive interview, Banks said the EU has “created 20 separate structures which directly duplicate what NATO already does and that’s quite unhealthy for those of us who believe in NATO”.

When asked whether the EU is trying to undermine NATO, Banks responded: “They’ve actively done so quite regularly, if you look at the words of Mr. Juncker again he has persistently told US Presidents to pipe down when they’ve asked European countries a very simple request to fund NATO and their contribution to NATO properly, so yes they are detracting.”

Veterans for Britain is a pro-Brexit campaign aimed at promoting UK defence autonomy. Its board includes former Veterans such as Major-General Julian Thompson and Feild Marshall Lord Guthrie.

The prospect of an EU Army directed by unaccountable, unelected figures in Brussels is about as dangerous as it gets.

Full article: Veterans for Britain: ‘EU army actively undermining NATO’ (Westmonster)

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