The Trump Doctrine’s “Europe Card”


Score one more for the Trump Doctrine.

Yesterday, President Trump declared a big “free and fair trade” win for his America First agenda at the expense of the European Union. But this deal is actually a two-fer.

After all, it stands also to set back Communist China’s efforts to supplant the United States as the Europeans’ most important trading partner. Countering the Chinese has increasingly become the unifying theme of the President’s foreign policy. The imperative behind this Trump Doctrine was underscored by witnesses who testified last week before the House Intelligence Committee concerning the extensive economic and national security damage done by the PRC’s decades-long “unrestricted warfare” against the United States.

If Donald Trump has just successfully played the “Europe card” against China, it may well prove devastating to the hostile, imperial ambitions of a nation that increasingly cannot afford them.

Full article: The Trump Doctrine’s “Europe Card” (Center for Security Policy)

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