EU recruiting for ‘European Defence Agency’

Now that it’s public knowledge vacancies are open, and an official agency complete with its very own flag, there’s no getting around the reality of a rising European Army. As said here many times throughout the years, the United States of Europe will be the next world superpower, led by Germany’s Fourth Reich.

America, throughout (at least) the last four administrations has suicided itself into the dustbin of world history — and not even Donald Trump will be able to stop its decline. Europe is only picking up the baton and filling the vacuum.

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Remember when the prospect of an EU Army was dismissed as a ‘dangerous fantasy’? Well the reality of course is quite different.

In fact the ‘European Defence Agency’ – complete with EU flag – is now recruiting.

Current vacancies include ‘Director of European Synergies and Innovation’ and a ‘Policy Officer for Defence Industry Engagement’.

This comes after the EU budgeted €13 billion for a ‘European Defence Fund’ and Jean-Claude Juncker himself called for a “functioning European Defence Union” by 2025.

Don’t remember the Remain campaign mentioning any of this…

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