Germany Encouraging India to Buy Iranian Oil

(Photo Credit: Office of Prime Minister of India)


Foreign minister says it would be a ‘very important statement’ if New Delhi ignored President Trump’s sanctions.

Germany’s obsession with Iran’s oil—and opposing President Donald Trump—today went from merely taking care of its own interests to becoming an outright salesman for the Islamic Republic to other countries.

India is Iran’s largest oil trading partner, and is also heavily dependent upon foreign oil imports. The president’s threat to impose sanctions on countries that do not stop doing business with Tehran initially didn’t go over too well in New Delhi, which has attempted to place itself in a position to be everyone’s good neighbor on the international stage.

Enter Germany. Foreign Minister Niels Annen, in an interview published by the Russian Sputnik news service, said:

“I am not a salesman for Iran, but I have an impression that India is willing to continue buying oil from Iran. This will be a very important statement.”

Indeed, it would be an “important statement” for a major U.S. ally to flout American sanctions on a country that has vowed its destruction. But so, too, would be a major U.S. ally encouraging others to do the same.

Full article: Germany Encouraging India to Buy Iranian Oil (TruNews)

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