China Plans to Launch Its Own ‘Blackwater’

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Not surprisingly, Erik Prince is involved in those discussions.

As its sprawling, trillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative is struggling with security concerns, the Chinese government is now reportedly turning to an American who is an expert in those matters to meet those needs.

The South China Morning Post, in an investigative article published this week, highlights the inroads that were made once Chinese security contractors were paired up with those of Blackwater, the international security firm established in 1997 by former Navy SEAL officer Erik Prince, the brother of U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. The Hong Kong newspaper interviewed a Chinese contractor, who went only by “Tian,” about the distinct differences:

“Unlike the Chinese security teams who … are like doorkeepers, the multinational and multilingual Blackwater guards were well trained and provided personnel and cargo protection services. [Blackwater] had a comprehensive operational system covering logistics, weapons, high-technology and even medical support.

“More than 80 per cent of Chinese security personnel have just a basic education … and are directly led by people who are just military enthusiasts and love playing war games.”

Tian noted that while Chinese security personnel are also military veterans, they lacked the combat training and experience of their international/American counterparts. The gap in expertise was readily apparent to everyone involved, which is why, the SCMP reports, Beijing is “exploring the possibility of establishing a security agency to coordinate security for Chinese enterprises abroad.”

The report notes the communist government need not look too far to find a stop-gap until the Ministry of State Security is capable of providing its own security forces: Prince now leads Frontier Services Group, a security firm headquartered and largely led by prominent figures in Hong Kong. It also notes the company is largely funded by the Chinese government:

“Last year, Prince sold more than 40 per cent of his FSG shareholding to Chinese state-owned conglomerate Citic Group, paving the way for FSG to set up more security branches on the Chinese mainland to expand its business. In March, FSG said it had raised US$107 million in capital from Citic.”

This is of particular note because Prince has once again—as TruNews has reported—ramped up his push to have the war in Afghanistan “privatized” using FSG mercenaries embedded with the Afghan National Army. The Belt and Road Initiative includes projects in Afghanistan.

The SCMP report fails to make that connection.

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