The Emerging Trump Doctrine- Defeat Communist China


The meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin today in Helsinki offers an insight into what might be called the Trump Doctrine.

The common denominator for Mr. Trump’s foreign and trade policies seems to be a determination to isolate and counter Communist China.

Russia has become a close ally of China. North Korea is Beijing’s puppet. Pakistan, Iran and Venezuela are its clients. The European Union – unlike NATO and many of its members – is hostile to the U.S. and doing deals with the PRC.

So, President Trump is working hard to drive wedges between China and the Russians and North Koreans, weakening its regional proxies, and challenging our allies for harming U.S. interests and rewarding them when they don’t. And he’s taking on China directly with trade, investment and military measures.

Full article: The Emerging Trump Doctrine- Defeat Communist China (Center for Security Policy)

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