America’s Prophesied Race Riots and Civil War Are Almost Here


Did you hear about the recent Rasmussen survey showing that almost one third of Americans believe another civil war could break out in the United States in the next five years? As remarkable as this is, it isn’t surprising.

For starters, it is now routine in America to see and hear prominent leaders—congressmen, senators, tv pundits, Hollywood stars, music moguls, etc—calling explicitly for protests, civil unrest and even revolution. You’ve probably seen some examples: the speech last month by Congresswoman Maxine Waters in which she encouraged followers to literally mob Trump officials; tv commentators like Donny Deutsch and Chris Matthews calling for a revolution; Hollywood icons such as Madonna, Johnny Depp and Snoop Dogg openly encouraging the assassination of President Donald Trump.

Virtually every week there are fresh calls for revolution and violence. Isn’t it all a bit surreal? Leading U.S. citizens are actively encouraging the devastation of American cities and the death of potentially hundreds of thousands of fellow Americans.

Instead of using more words to make my point, I thought it might be more effective to use sound and images. The 90-second video montage below includes just a handful of examples of prominent Americans inciting revolution and civil unrest. It’s chilling stuff.

We’ve also cited a few key Bible prophecies, such as Isaiah 1:7. Here, the prophet is talking about Britain and America in the end time and warns, “Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire ….” This is talking about “massive RACE WARS swallowing up our cities!” explained Gerald Flurry five years ago in his booklet America Under Attack.

God issued a similar warning through the Prophet Ezekiel: “Make a chain: for the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence. … Destruction cometh; and they shall seek peace, and there shall be none” (Ezekiel 7:23, 25).

This video demonstrates just how close we are to these prophecies being fulfilled. Really, these prophecies are already being fulfilled. As this video shows, a frightening spirit of hatred, violence and revolution is already coursing through America.

If you aren’t already, it’s time to think on the question: What do I have to do to survive the coming civil war?

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