China’s home-made carrier set for second sea trial

A view of the new aircraft carrier’s flight deck. Photo: Sina Military


October delivery rumored; People’s Daily claims no single step of further trials will be omitted

China’s first domestically built aircraft carrier will soon strut its stuff in a second sea trial in the Bohai and Yellow Seas, possibly as soon as this weekend according to Chinese state media, after dry-dock outfitting and adjustments to its hull and propulsion system have been completed.

The brand-new indigenous seagoing airbase, yet to be named and only referred to as the Type 001A carrier, embarked on its five-day maiden voyage in May.

The short lag of a little over a month before the second sail is evidence that the 70,000-ton vessel is making steady, and likely accelerated, headway toward its official delivery to the People’s Liberation Army Navy, with some military observers speculating that a ceremony could be held as early as October.

Another sign of satisfactory progress is the fact that shortly after the first sea trial, Beijing doled out commendations and promotions to cadres involved in the arduous undertaking. The deputy general manager of state-run China Shipbuilding Industry Corp (CSIC), Yang Jincheng, who oversaw the design and construction of the carrier and whose purview also included sea trials and maintenance, was recently elevated to a ministerial-level position.

Full article: China’s home-made carrier set for second sea trial (Asia Times)

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