9 European States To Form Joint Military Intervention Force


Leopard II battle tank is pictured in action at the Oberlausitz training area in Weisskeissel. Source: Reuters


Nine European states – France, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Estonia, Spain and Portugal are going to establish a joint military intervention force, France’s Defense Minister Florence Parly has told the French newspaper Figaro.

“Defence Europe requires a common strategic culture … The deadlines and decisions in the EU are still much too long compared to the urgency that can arise from a critical situation in a country where Europeans would consider that there is a strong stake for their security,” she said.

According to the French defense minister, the countries are going to sign a letter of intent for the creation of the force on June 25.

“This is clearly an initiative that allows some non-EU states to associate. The UK has been very good because it wants to maintain cooperation with Europe beyond bilateral ties,” the military official told the newspaper.

Parly added that Italy is “also considering the possibility of joining.”

The goal of the move is “joint planning work on crisis scenarios that could potentially threaten European security,” AFP cited a source close to a French top official.

Full article: 9 European States To Form Joint Military Intervention Force (South Front)

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