Farage: Merkel’s finished, migration policy is her downfall


“She was the most powerful European leader, been in power over a decade. She was the dominant figure, not just in Germany, but in the entire European Union,” Farage said.

“And one decision has completely ruined her career and her legacy. And it was, I think, the worst decision any Western leader has taken in modern times.

“As many of you want to come, can come. In the last 4 years over 1,000 people in Europe killed or maimed by refugees.

“A new party has emerged, it’s called the AfD, it’s getting near 20% in the polls. She’s got 2 weeks to try and convince the European Union to change direction. But it’s a bit rich isn’t it for the person who opened the door to say to the rest of Europe ‘it’s time to get tough’. She’s finished.

“Immigration led to the Brexit vote, immigration led to the new Italian government, immigration will finish off Angela Merkel.”

Full article: Farage: Merkel’s finished, migration policy is her downfall (Westmonster)

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