A US senate majority blocks F-35 stealth planes to Turkey

As mentioned in a previous post, look for Turkey to align itself with the axis powers, and even likely the Shanghai Cooperation Organization — a worldwide war axis that masquerades itself around as a political organization. NATO is finished and Europe, ran by Berlin, is looking to defend itself with its own European Army under construction.


A the last minute, by a large majority of 85 to 10, the US Senate blocked the sale of the advanced US F-35 stealth planes to Turkey until a detailed plan is presented to prove that Ankara would not have access to US technology for its home manufacture of components.

This was one of Turkey’s conditions for purchasing 100 F-35 planes in a $10bn deal. First deliveries were due on June 21. A compelling argument against the sale was Turkey’s decision to buy sophisticated Russian S-400 air defense missile systems.

Article source: A US senate majority blocks F-35 stealth planes to Turkey (DEBKAfile)

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