China sends fighter jets and bombers near Taiwan in latest show of force


China sent fighter jets and other military aircraft near Taiwan Friday in the latest of a series of drills which Beijing has said are aimed at the island’s “independence forces”.

Taiwan’s defence ministry said multiple H-6K bombers, reconnaissance planes and transport aircraft flew over the Bashi Channel, south of Taiwan, and over the Miyako Strait, near Japan’s Okinawa Island, in a drill Friday morning.

It was the first time that China’s Su-35 fighters were sent over the Bashi Channel, the ministry said, while J-11 fighters and early warning aircraft also took part.

The ministry assured the public in a statement that it was able to fully monitor Chinese naval and air drills and “take effective responsive measures to ensure defence security”.

China sees democratically governed Taiwan — which has never formally declared independence from the mainland — as a renegade part of its territory to be brought back into the fold, and has not ruled out reunification by force.

The Chinese defence ministry confirmed in a statement Friday that it was the first time Su-35s flew over the Bashi Channel, hailing it as a “new breakthrough, highlighting the new enhancements to the Air Force’s combat capability”.

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