Government-linked intel agency forecasts U.S. population to decline drastically by 2025, 1-in-3 Americans will be wiped off map



Does the forecast know something we as citizens of the United States don’t? Why would it forecast the reduction of more that two-thirds the country’s population by 2025?

(INTELLIHUB) —  The government-linked intelligence agency has released an updated forecast for the year 2025 which shows some rather shocking projections of what the grim future may look like here in America within just 7-years time.

What’s most shocking about the report is the fact that predicts the U.S. population to be down about two-thirds by the year 2025, where only 100 million people would inhabit the once great nation.

Right now the population in American is about 327 million people, so if Deagel’s forecast is accurate, and it usually is, that would mean that 2 out of three Americans will not exist in 2025 but why? Will there be a nuclear war? Will the Yellowstone supervolcano blow? Will a deadly virus (pandemic) kill two-thirds of the population?

Not to mention, the forecast shows a decrease in population worldwide, from 7.4 billion to 6.9 billion by the year 2025 which may follow lockstep with either the globalists plan or Mother Earth’s.

This comes as Microsoft Founder and philanthropist Bill Gates recently announced that 33 million people could die globally from a flu virus which Gates says is lurking around the corner.

The billionaire philanthropist has also warned President Donald Trump of such a catastrophe and is pushing for a universal flu vaccine which Gates believes would mitigate the threat to some extent.

The Washington Post reports:

Gates said he met several times with H.R. McMaster, the president’s former national security adviser, and hopes to meet with McMaster’s replacement, John Bolton. The National Security Council, Gates said, is an appropriate office to “show leadership on this issue and decide how to coordinate the various groups” within the government.

“But, you know, I think we’ve got to push this … with the executive branch and Congress quite a bit,” Gates said. “There hasn’t been a big effort along these lines.”

What about Yellowstone?

It’s also been reported that Brazil, Argentina, and Australia have signed contracts with the U.S. government to house displaced citizens if the Yellowstone supervolcano were to erupt by 2024. The contracts are worth billions of dollars and the deals were already made.

The U.S. plan for relocation was formulated after a recent scientific analysis of the park revealed that Yellowstone’s supervolcano has the potential to violently erupt within the next 10-years as noted by others including the famous astrophysicist Michio Kaku.

From the Pakistani publication Praag:

It may take up to ten years for pressure in the magma chamber of the super volcano to build. According to Dr. Jean-Philippe Perrillat of the National Centre for Scientific Research in Grenoble, France, “it is the difference in density between the molten magma in the caldera and the surrounding rock big enough for the magma from the chamber to the surface to increase “.

“The effect is the same as the extra buoyancy of a soccer ball under water fill with air, after which it rises to the surface because the surrounding water poet,” said dr. Perrillat. “If the magma volume is large enough, it should go to the surface to rise and explode like a champagne bottle that ontkurk be.”

According to Dr. Sipho Mathetwe, the South African government “sympathy for the American challenge (challenge) to Yellowstone, but we have our own challenges in South Africa. There are 200 million white people in America, and if too many of them to South Africa flights, it is a big problem, even though there is enough housing and infrastructure available. It will destabilize the country and may even bring back apartheid. South Africa is not for sale.”

However, according to the report, “Brazil, Argentina and Australia” jumped on the bandwagon, accepting the request from Washington.

What about a nuclear winter or war?

A nuclear winter from the eruption of Yellowstone is a possibility and so is a nuclear war, both would have nearly the same outcome.

The Daily Mail article titled The timebomb under Yellowstone: Experts warn of 90,000 immediate deaths and a ‘nuclear winter’ across the US if supervolcano erupts, points out how such an eruption “could kill as many as 90,000 people almost instantly” while many other would die later.

‘The ash would block off all points of entry from the ground, and the spread of ash and gases into the atmosphere would stop most air travel, just as it did when a much smaller volcano erupted in Iceland in 2010,’ the magazine writes.

‘Sulphuric gases released from the volcano would spring into the atmosphere and mix with the planet’s water vapour.

‘The haze of gas that could drape the country wouldn’t just dim the sunlight — it also would cool temperatures.’

The result would be an impending shortage of food and an abundance of chaos.

Just some food for thought.

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