EU holding nations to ransom, ‘do as we say or lose funding’



Brussels has issued some thinly veiled threats to countries that essentially asks them to forego their national, legal sovereignty if they want to keep receiving EU funds…it sounds a bit like a ransom note.

Essentially, Brussels can now cut off EU funding if a country wants to run its own legal system in a way that those in Brussels object to – Hungary, Poland, Malta, and Sweden have all not agreed so far.

The EU is concerned that their funding might not be being used entirely in the way they intended, so they basically want to put the legal systems of sovereign nations in a vice to force them to comply.

Věra Jourová, European Commissioner for Justice, said: “If a state now protests against this, the state kind of admits that they will not be guaranteeing in the future the sound financial management and protection of EU money.

Full article: EU holding nations to ransom, ‘do as we say or lose funding’ (Westmonster)

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