Report: Iran Planning Missile Barrage Against Israel

(Photo Credit: Hosein Velayati via Creative Commons)


Israel’s Ma’ariv newspaper published a report by defense analyst Alan Ben David, which said that while the two countries are not “on the eve of war,” he believes Iran wants to avenge its losses in recent weeks in Syria. To do so, it will use the Shi’ite militias already in place in Syria, as well as missile experts from the terrorist group Hezbollah, all of which will be supervised by Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps commander Gen. Quasem Soleimani.

Last month, Israel conducted airstrikes on a base in Syria that resulted in the deaths of seven IRGC officers. Since Israel was confirmed to have been behind the attack, it has been preparing for a retaliatory strike—last week’s attack on a Syrian weapons depot was believed to have been an effort to thwart such an attack.

Top Iranian officials have vowed to retaliate against the mid-April airstrikes, saying their response would be “powerful.”

Full article: Report: Iran Planning Missile Barrage Against Israel (TruNews)

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