Report: Tehran Aims to Claim Iraq, Syria, Lebanon

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Effectively, the three nations would join Iran as a “federal Islamic state,” cementing Tehran’s “Shia Crescent” land bridge through the heart of the Middle East. The political coalitions are all backed by militia proxies of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, the report states.

Syria, which has been racked by civil war for nearly eight years, won’t be going to the polls anytime soon but its current government under Bashar al-Assad is closely aligned with Iran politically. That alliance is bolstered by the military presence of Russian military forces and Iranian proxy militias.

Lebanon will be the first to vote with all 128 seats of its parliament up for election for the first time since 2009. Its general election is scheduled for Sunday with six major parties vying for control, although members of the pro-Assad March 8 Movement have a strong chance of prevailing.

In Iraq, the pro-Iranian coalition is led by the al-Fatah party, which has an alliance with the Badr militia. Elections there will be held May 12, when voters will choose the 329 members of the Council of Representatives, which in turn elects the president and prime minister.

For weeks, the Baghdad Post—published by former London-based TV host Sufian Samarrai, who now works from Eugene, Ore.—has been publishing warnings that Iranian-aligned politicians in all three countries aim to unite them under Tehran’s leadership. Samarrai is a well-respected journalist who has been covering the Middle East for more than 30 years.

Full article: Report: Tehran Aims to Claim Iraq, Syria, Lebanon (TruNews)

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