5 Things that ‘Come Next’ with Syria


The Danger Of World War Is Far From Removed Following The West’s ‘One And Done’ Missile Strikes.

Now that the “one and done” missile barrage against Syria’s purported chemical weapons program following the alleged gas attack in Douma is over, here are five consequences that need to be monitored in the weeks ahead.


Although the Russian measure to have the United Nations Security Council endorse the findings of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons failed, that doesn’t prevent the organization from investigating the alleged chemical weapons attack. But it is still heavily influenced by “veto” members the U.S., the United Kingdom, and France.

2. Russia

President Vladimir Putin has personally made it clear that his country will retaliate the next time the U.S. and its allies attack Syria, promising international “chaos” if that should happen. In the meantime, the U.S. has slapped a third round of sanctions against Russia over its purported role in the alleged chemical attack that prompted Friday’s missile attacks.

3. James Mattis

President Donald Trump, at the urging of his new national security adviser, John Bolton, wanted to target Russian and Iranian assets in Syria, but was talked out of it by Defense Secretary James Mattis. The military-industrial complex is likely to call for his removal soon.

4. White Helmets

The Russian Foreign Ministry claims it has found some White Helmets activists who say they staged the alleged chemical attack in Douma at the behest of the British intelligence service MI6, supporting its previous allegations against the West.

5. World War III

Meanwhile, Iran is ramping up its anti-American rhetoric, calling the missile strikes “barbaric” and “illegal.” And, China has taken the opportunity to show not only its support for Russia, but also its aspirations to take back Taiwan.

The matter in Syria is far from resolved, and the impact could affect billions of people around the world.

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