Report: India Building War Bunkers


More Than 14,000 Bunkers Will Be Constructed For Homes And Communities In The Disputed Jammu & Kashmir State Bordering Pakistan.

The Times of India is reporting the construction project will focus on five border districts in the disputed Jammu & Kashmir state, with construction by the state-owned National Buildings Construction Corporation. Two different types of bunkers will be built—smaller ones will accommodate 8 to 10 people, while larger ones will shelter up to 40.

The report cites NBCC Chairman A.K. Mittal, who said:

“Pre-cast construction methodology shall be used for this. Strategically located casting yards will be used to fabricate RCC components, which shall be transported by trailer/ tractors and the bunkers will be erected by cranes and labourers. We will plan in such a way that each bunker is completed in maximum 2-3 days.”

Full article: Report: India Building War Bunkers (TruNews)

One response to “Report: India Building War Bunkers

  1. Closer to truth, the bunkers are little more than root cellars, considering the weapon threat of ordinance. In that case, the bunker serves as a tomb.