Russia Demos its New Robot Tanks



The Level Of Automation Available In The Kalashnikov Soratnik Is Not Yet Known.

To further reinforce President Vladimir Putin’s state of the nation speech, the Rusian Ministry of Defense just conducted a high-profile test of its new robot tank.

In a video, the robotic tank called Soratnik—Russian for “companion”—is seen working with human soldiers and leveling buildings with its rockets and artillery. Although it is relatively small, not much bigger than a passenger car, it is capable of both scouting and patrolling duties. The tank is also able to dispose of mines and provide covering fire for human soldiers.

The video doesn’t provide any insights into the exact level of autonomy the vehicle actually has, but it put on a terrifying display of firepower regardless. Based on the views provided in the video, the Soratnik also features remote control accessories, meaning it is likely able to be remotely piloted.

Full article: Russia Demos its New Robot Tanks (TruNews)

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