German Defence Minister: EU should respond to crises as bloc



Germany’s Defence Minister, Ursula von der Leyen, has said that the EU should move to a system of majority vote for foreign policy decisions, a clear push to stop any government from blocking deeper EU military integration.

“We are thinking about perhaps moving towards a majority vote in diplomacy and foreign affairs so that we can respond rapidly to crises and speak with one voice, one European voice and so you cannot be blocked by the one country who doesn’t want you to utter anything in the direction (that) Europe wants to speak,” she said at an event at the London School of Economics on Wednesday.

The move for “one European voice” on foreign affairs shows just how determined they are to see a pan-EU Army put to work as the European Union increasingly struggles for relevance.

A German-dominated EU pushing to get rid of objections to such a move? Britain’s leaving just in time – and others may well follow.

Full article: German Defence Minister: EU should respond to crises as bloc (Westmonster)

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