Turkey warns Damascus not to send troops to Afrin

Turkey’s megalomaniac is so out of control, he’s telling Syria to stay out of it’s own country as it invades it.


Turkey warned on Monday it would confront Syrian government forces if they entered Syria’s northwestern Afrin region to help the Kurdish YPG militia repel a Turkish offensive.

Turkey’s president and two of his ministers gave this warning after a senior Kurdish official said on Sunday that a deal had been struck for the Syrian army to go into Afrin soon and help fight the Turks. But on Monday, Kurdish YPG spokesman Nouri Mahmoud denied reaching such an agreement. President Vladimr Putin has meanwhile  called on his partners in the Syrian conflict, Turkey and Iran, to hold a summit next month to try and sort out the muddled scenario developing among his allies.

Article Source: Turkey warns Damascus not to send troops to Afrin (DEBKAfile)

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