Report: North Korea Prepping Bioweapons

U.S. officials were reportedly alarmed by news in North Korean media about the Pyongyang Bio-Technical Institute, which is now believed to be a cover for the Hermit Kingdom’s bioweapons program.


The International Business Times reports U.S. officials believe the Hermit Kingdom has acquired the necessary equipment to mass-produce enormous quantities of bacterial and viral bioweapons. And, Kim Jong-un is sending his brightest students overseas to gain the knowledge to make it happen.

Those officials were reportedly alarmed over a state-run Korean Central News Agency report that the dictator had visited a “pesticide plant” in Pyongyang in June. The facility, described as a biotechnical institute, is likely a cover for the country’s clandestine biowarfare program.

Like North Korea’s nuclear program, its other weapons of mass destruction programs appear to continue to be flourishing in spite of international sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council. Among the weaponized biological creations believed to be in Kim’s arsenal are anthrax, plague, and small pox.

Full article: Report: North Korea Prepping Bioweapons (TruNews)

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