Israel Strikes Iran’s Syrian Base

Israel Strikes Iran’s Syrian Base

Israel reportedly fired its Jericho ballistic missiles for the first time to strike an Iranian military base south of Damascus in Syria.


According to Israeli media reports, the Jewish state’s military has conducted a missile strike on an Iranian military base recently completed near Damascus in Syria.

YNet News reported, citing Syrian sources, the Israeli Air Force attack caused power outages and loud explosions in capital and its surrounding suburbs. Dictator Bashar al-Assad’s government-run media reported it retaliated with anti-aircraft fire, downing three of five missiles fired.

The base, believed to house Iranian military units, was first identified by Western media reports in early November. The Assad regime claims the base was merely an ammunition cache for one of its army units, and that losses were limited to materiel, not personnel.

YNet later reported the missiles used in the attack were Jericho-I ballistic missiles, which if true, would mean it was the first time the 60-year-old weapons have ever been used in an operational setting. The update claimed Israeli military sources said only one missile was intercepted by the Russian air defense system installed earlier this year following President Donald Trump’s cruise missile strikes on a Syrian air base.

Full article: Israel Strikes Iran’s Syrian Base (TruNews)

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