EU plan to open up visa-free travel with Turkey ‘reaches final stages’


Dimitris Avramopoulos has confirmed: “We are working towards a common goal with Turkey and we want to give visa-free travel to the Turkish citizens with a biometric passport in a short period of time.

“I am now in the last level…we work closely with Turkey, in close working relationship and trying to fulfill all the necessary needs. When the stay of the visions takes place, it will make people more contact and strengthen our partnership.”

This insane move from Brussels comes after over 100 suspected ISIS terrorists were arrested in Ankara.

Sharing a border with Iraq and Syria, it is likely many fleeing jihadists will have tried to retreat into Turkey. The thought of Europe’s borders potentially being opened to the country at a time when the jihadi threat is clearly growing is absolute madness.

Full article: EU plan to open up visa-free travel with Turkey ‘reaches final stages’ (Westmonster)

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