Iranian Army Chief: Next War Will Eradicate Israel

The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps has vowed that the next war with Israel will result in the Jewish state’s eradication. (Photo: Reuters)


Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps commander Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari has vowed that any future conflict with Israel will be the Jewish state’s last, and promised to come to Hezbollah’s aid if the terrorist group is attacked.

He told reporters in Tehran:

“It is a proven claim that today we say any new war will lead to the eradication of the Zionist regime. They have seen a part of the resistance front’s power during the 33-day and 22-day wars and today that the great resistance front has been formed, this word has been proven,” He told reporters in Tehran. “The fate of the resistance front is interwoven and they all stand united and if Israel attacks a part of it, the other component of the front will help it. This issue is not negotiable and the entire Lebanese nation, except a number of little puppet groups, support Hezbollah’s weapon.”

Jafari followed up those comments by telling a group of “Basij” volunteer fighters they are the role model for national defense units in other Middle Eastern countries as part of the effort to “destroy the U.S. hegemony in the Middle East.” He added:

“While, one day, our nation was fighting the enemy at borders of Karkheh river, now it has expanded its strategic borders in this fight against enemies to the East of the Mediterranean and North of Africa. The Islamic Revolution is spreading and the Basiji way of thinking has made the arrogant power face with a deadlock and a landmark historical defeat and failure.”

Full article: Iranian Army Chief: Next War Will Eradicate Israel (TruNews)

2 responses to “Iranian Army Chief: Next War Will Eradicate Israel

  1. 1129/5000
    to Israil ”echase” tis exelixeis kai emeine ektos neou geopolitikou paichnidiou stin periochi,
    aitia i the adherence of
    stis geopolitike synthikes tou 1900….

    kai den prolavai na katalavi oti oi IPA efygan apo tin periochi kai tora ‘afentika’ ekei,
    einai o Rosokinezikos (RC) o neos stratigikos geopoltikos axonas…

    i diplomatia tou Israil piastikai ston ypno,
    se antithesi me tin poly exypni diplomatiki politiki tis Tourkias, i opoia katalavai to paichnidi pou pigaine, kai enkairos enkateleipsai IPA kai Dytiki symmachia,

    KAI epivivasthi sto arma (RC)
    kai tora, filodoxi na apotelei ton astynomo tis periochis

    eno eiserchetai se mia parthena agora Evrasiatiki Oikonomiki Enosi me plythismo 200.000.000 pou synechos afxanetai,
    me symmetochi Kinas klp allon synergazomenon periochon, pch Aigyptos, BRICS klp.

    os megaloi itimenoi, an kai to paichnidi exelissotan sta podia tous den to katalávan,
    theorountai, Israil – Saoudiki Aravia – Ellada kai ololkiri i EE…

    kai se polemiki syrraxi,
    me tin symmetochi kapoiou ek ton perigrafomenon,
    prepei na theorountai oti isopedonontai… !!
    Israel has “lost” its developments and has remained outside of a new geopolitical game in the area,
    the adherence of
    in the geopolitical conditions of 1900 ….

    and certainly did not understand that the US was leaving the area and now ‘bosses’ there,
    is the Russian-Chinese (RC) the new strategic geopolitical axon …

    Israeli diplomacy and sleeping,
    in contrast to Turkey’s very clever diplomatic policy, which understands the game that is going on, and the USA and Western alliance,

    And hit the RC (RC)
    and now, aspiring to be the police of the area

    while entering a married Eurasian Economic Union with a population of 200,000,000 which is constantly increasing,
    with the participation of China and other cooperating regions, eg Egypt, BRICS, etc.

    as the great-minded, though the game evolved into their feet, they did not understand it,
    Israeli – Saudi Arabia – Greece and the EU …

    and in a military confrontation,
    by participating in any of the above,
    should be considered as being flattened … !!

    • Israel has lost the developments of the new geopolitical strategist, its cause, its attachment to the geopolitical millennia of the 1900s … for not realizing that the US has left the region,
      and new bosses are the RUSSIAN-CHINESE GEO POLITIC AXIS (RC).

      the diplomacy of Israel has lost … the game,

      contrary to the very clever diplomatic policy of Turkey, which took over the geopolitical game,
      and in substance drop out of it ‘chariot’
      USA – NATO and Western alliance.

      AND has boarded the Geopolitic Chariot (RC)

      … which is part of Eurasian Economic Union strategy
      ‘virgin’ market with 200,000,000 population and growing, with China, Egypt, BRICS, etc.

      as the great losers who did not anticipate the excursions in their area, are considered Israel – Saudi Arabia – Greece and the whole EU – zone.

      while in ‘war conflict’ and the participation of some of the described, only two words match… leveling – ointments !!