EU Army on the Way


The European Union has moved one step closer to the creation of an EU Army – the same EU Army that definitely wasn’t going to happen in the run up to the referendum.

Federica Mogherini, EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy chief, as well as Vice-President of the Commission, said:

“In the coming months there will be the chance to launch even more cooperative projects. We will continue to work at full speed and full determination on the European defence more broadly. The new capability development plan will point to the sectors we need to invest in.

“The annual review on defence is being tested for the first time ever. Member states have the opportunity to compare spending plans and identify shortfalls and new possibilities for cooperation. And the EU defence fund set up by the Commission will support cooperative research and joint development for the capabilities we need the most. It has huge potential and responsibility.

When our founding fathers and mothers tried to create a European Defence Community, back in the fifties, their project was quite simple, even if very ambitious. They had in mind a European army and a European Defence Minister. That project failed almost immediately.

“In a way, today, we are doing something that is even more ambitious, much more ambitious. So, we have a responsibility to exercise; we have started a new way, we have today a Europe defence that gives us the tools to do much more in the European way. And I believe, that we will open this new chapter in the European Union history.”

Full article: EU Army on the Way (Westmonster)

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