EU takes first steps to withdraw Poland’s voting rights



EU bullies governments who refuse to toe the line.

Yesterday, the EU took its first step towards revoking Poland’s voting rights at the European Council, in response to the country’s alleged ‘breach of fundamental EU values.

MEPs voted by 438 to 152 votes to condemn so-called “serious violations” by Poland and recommend that Member States launch Article 7 procedures, which will strip Poland of its right to vote in the EU and could see funding withdrawn.

An offiicial told Polish press agency PAP: “So far, the EP has rather taken the stand that the issue should be dealt with by the European Commission. Now it wants to take the matter into its own hands and direct a request towards the Council.”

Prior to the vote, a Polish MEP stormed out of the plenary, saying the “debate” was nothing more than an “Orwellian show” and a “show of strength against the Poles and the Polish government. This is not about the rule of law, it is not about values, it is about power, about who has power,” said Ryszard Legutko, PiS leader in the European Parliament.

Full article: EU takes first steps to withdraw Poland’s voting rights (Westmonster)

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