Hawaii Begins Missile Attack Drills

Hawaii will begin including missile attack warning sirens to its monthly tests on Dec. 1, the first time the siren has been used since the Cold War.


Beginning Dec. 1, residents and visitors of Hawaii will have to get used to a new part of everyday life for the first time in more than 30 years.

As part of the monthly warning siren tests, state officials are adding the wavering missile attack siren along with the hurricane, tsunami, and earthquake alerts. The last time the state conducted nuclear attack drills was during the Cold War in the 1980s.

Hawaii Emergency Management Administrator Vern Miyagi told reporters at a press conference announcing the renewed drills that if the missile alert is sounded, they must react immediately.

“You can’t take time to call your wife, your kids, your husband to pick them up and try to find shelter. There’s no time to do that.”

Miyagi said in the event of an actual missile attack, residents of the island are likely to have only 15 minutes to reach shelter. U.S. missile defense systems will need about five minutes to characterize the launch as either a test or an attack, as well as to track its trajectory. He also urged residents to have 14 days’ worth of supplies instead of the normal seven.

Full article: Hawaii Begins Missile Attack Drills (TruNews)

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