Russia Plans to Replace Aircraft Autopilots With AI


Chairman of the Federation Council Defense and Security Committee Viktor Bondarev, the former commander of Russia’s Aerospace Force, said Wednesday:

“[F]lying robots will be able to act in a formation rather than separately. Perhaps, an operator will be sitting on the ground and controlling a whole unmanned squadron with the help of a computer … [T]he day is nearing when vehicles will get artificial intelligence. So, why not entrust aviation or air defense to them?”

Russian officials have recently confirmed earlier reports that its sixth-generation fighter jet, currently under development, will feature an AI system meant to improve the reaction time of its human pilot, and which could ultimately replace the pilot altogether. The new MiG fighter would also reportedly have the ability to fly in formation with others that act as drones controlled by the single pilot.

Full article: Russia Plans to Replace Aircraft Autopilots With AI (TruNews)

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