More AI-Based Religions Rising Up

Replacing Christianity with an artificial intelligence-based “religion,” or “augmenting” it with technology are the aims of several competing groups.


Artificial intelligence expert Anthony Levandowski has been making headlines of late with his goal of creating an AI-based “godhead,” but he’s not alone in that effort.

The former Google AI engineer developed The Way of the Future specifically to supplant the Christian godhead, which he believes will be accomplished in the next quarter-century. This contrasts with Kopimism, which finds “spiritual connection” in gathering all the world’s information and sharing it with everyone else.

But perhaps the greatest dangers lie with technoreligions like Terasem, which has the goal of “augmenting” an existing religion with its belief the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology. That is the core understanding of transhumanism.

According to the Christian Transhumanist Association, a group of professed Bible-believing Christians not affiliated with Terasem, God provided technology so that we might use it to make the world—and humanity—better. Like many Bible-plus belief systems, they are attempting to transcend Jesus’ commandments in Mark 12.

They believe they can do this because humans are “scientific and technological creatures” who are also:

Creatures who create and discover, and who are commissioned to cultivate life, create new things, and renew the world. We further understand our Christian mission to charge us with healing, feeding, and restoring life—activities which provoke us to scientific and medical innovations, just as they have throughout Christian history …

To apply their belief system, they developed three “deep thoughts” to guide their actions. They are:

  1. We focus on that which is transcendent.
  2. We pursue greater coherence of mentality, physicality, spirituality.
  3. We seek the betterment of the world.

The CTA states those elements “define what it is to be a complete human being.” Absent from them, however, is anything about a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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