China Imports Russian S-400 Missiles

The S-400 in a picture from Wikipedia


The deal was originally made in July 2014, and Russia said in July last year that it would deliver them to China before 2018.

First deployed in 2007, the S-400 is notable for its ability to shoot down stealth aircraft. Armed with a powerful radar system, it can track 100 targets at once within a 40 to 400 km range and shoot down six at a time.

The daily said the S-400 is superior to the U.S.’ PAC-3 Patriot missile system. India agreed to buy it last year, and Turkey is interested as well.

U.S website the National Interest said earlier this month that Saudi Arabia also wants the S-400, which would deal a “heavy blow” to the dominance of U.S. arms manufacturers in the Middle Eastern market.

Full article: China Imports Russian S-400 Missiles (The ChosunIlbo)

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