MAPPED: Catalonia is NOT alone – the regions desperate for independence threatening the EU

The regions wanting more autonomy or independence [Mauldin Economics]


CATALONIA’S quest for independence from Spain could spark a domino effect plunging the European Union into crisis as a map reveals the other regions across the continent desperate for autonomy.

Catalonia threw Spain into a constitutional crisis yesterday after declaring independence following a controversial referendum.

But the region is not alone in its hope for independence and the aftershocks of the Catalonia crisis could further splinter the EU with dozens of regions hoping to return to autonomy and fighting their own battle to regain control.

And this map, which shows the sheer number of regions with movements wanting greater autonomy or secessionist movements, makes a worrying read for EU chiefs.

President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has admitted “cracks” are appearing in the EU after Catalonia declared itself independent of Spain.

The map highlights the Basque Country where nationalists have wanted political unity for all Basque-speaking people in Spain and France since the 19th century.

The success in Catalonia could give the Basque Country a reason to resume its fight for independence from the Spanish central government.

A new generation of young Basques who feel ignored by Madrid could decide to revisit Eta’s unilateral 2010 ceasefire.

The map shows the Orkney Islands, which is exploring independence from Scotland and the UK following Brexit.

Orkney has traditionally been against Scottish independence and prefers Westminster government to Holyrood.

The Galicia independence movement is a political movement, which supports the independence of the region.

Some groups also propose a unification with Portugal, the military organisation is called ‘Restistencia Galega’.

The Isle of Man, Cornwall and Sicily also feature in the map.

If Catalonia proves a success story, envious Catalan-speaking territories like the Balearic Islands and Valencia may want to join their neighbour.

The self determination for Gibraltar Group may also rise up with the aim of deciding the country’s constitutional status in Gibraltar.

In 2014, 89 per cent of people in Venice in Italy voted for independence in an online petition, which led to the forming of a party called ‘Veneto Si’.

Before the First World War, South Tyrol in Italy belonged to Austria, but became part of Italy when the conflict ended.

Many people feel closer to the Austrians and there are strong voices calling for independence.

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