Insider: China WILL Attack North Korea if They Launch Again


In a shocking peek into China’s thoughts regarding North Korea, a professor with close ties to their defense and foreign affairs says China will punish North Korea if they launch another missile

Chong Sho-Hu, a professor of international relations at Beijing’s Renmin University, told the BBC on Friday that China and President Xi Jinping are mad at North Korea, and that Kim Jong-Un would be “seeking death” if further military actions are taken.

Professor Sho-Hu also said China’s long-lasting friendship with North Korea has ended, and that President Xi himself has become “fed up” with the hermit kingdom’s erratic behavior.

Professor Sho-Hu noted that recent International sanctions have placed Pyongyang in an “awkward situation” where if they do nothing, they’re people will starve to death, but if they conduct another missile test, they will face the wrath of China.

Full article: Insider: China WILL Attack North Korea if They Launch Again (TruNews)

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