Donald Trump’s message to Greece: USA will INVEST in debt-ridden nation to save it from EU

A few points:

  • Trump is potentially building a deterrent against Turkish aggression.
  • Trump is hedging against the EU superstate that’s increasingly becoming anti-American through the Berlin-Paris-Brussels axis that has subjugated and destroyed Greece.
  • Trump is possibly racing against China’s infrastructure investments and Port of Pirus takeover, keeping them from gaining a foothold in one of Europe’s most important strategic gateways.



Donald Trump and Alexis Tsipras shake hands outside the White House


DONALD Trump praised Greece’s economic recovery and vowed to invest in the debt-ridden nation as he met the country’s prime minister who once called the businessman “evil” before the US election.

The US President pledged to help the Mediterreanean nation back to prosperity after its struggles with EU austerity over the last 8 years.

The two leaders met at the White House for cordial talks and among the topics for discussion were investments in Greek oil resources and Greece-based military bases as the relationship between the USA and Turkey becomes tense.

Standing alongside the Greek Prime Minister after their meeting, Mr Trump said: “The American people stand with the Greek people as they recover from the economic crisis that recently afflicted their nation.

“A strong and flourishing Greece provides immense opportunity for American trade, investment and job creation.”

The flow of US investment into Greece is taking on a new urgency in recent weeks with the administration looking shore up economic and defence ties with the NATO ally.

Tsipras said his country had made economic strides and is “leaving behind the economic model that led to the crisis”

Greece is currently emerging from an 8-year financial crisis and is keen to attract US investors.

Costis Stambolis, executive director of the Institute for Energy for South East Europe (IENE) told CNBC: “Greece’s contingent oil reserves are estimated at 950 million barrels.

“To date, however, 50 million of proven reserves have been discovered. Major energy companies are lining up to tap the country’s hydrocarbon potential in the waters surrounding southern Crete and the Grevena region in northern Greece, close to the route of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline.”

Diplomatic sources have confirmed the leaders are focusing on investments and collaboration in defence.

The President said he had spoken to his Greek counterpart about a potential $2.4 billion to upgrade F-16 aircraft in Greece’s Air Force.

The US State Department approved the possible sale on Monday, and Mr Trump said his administration had informed Cogress of the potential sale.

Trump has previously spoken of his distain for the EU’s power over Greece, in 2012 he tweeted hat Greece should get out of the euro and go back to its own currency. He wrote: “They are just wasting time.”

The President also took another sideswipe at EU nations by praising Athens for being among the few NATO members to spend at least two per cent of gross domestic product on defence, something he was repeatedly criticised other nations for failing to do.

Those comments have been seen as an attempt by Mr Trump to forge a strong allience with a fellow NATO member at a time when US relations with Turkey crumble.

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